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SSC State of Oklahoma private vocational school that teaches Certified Weld Inspector (AWS CWI) exam preparation classes. Training is totally online and fully prepares each student for all three parts (A/B & C) of the CWI exam. We are also approved by the AWS to provide the 80 PDH training for CWI or SCWI nine-year renewal. Training includes everything the student needs with exception of a Code Book. We offer both API 1104 (current edition) code book training and AWS D1.1 (current edition) code book training.

The CWI Practical exam is being updated in 2016.
Domestic – Winter 2016
International – Summer 2016


The CWI exam consists of three two-hour parts. (Certified Welding Educator [CWE] candidates only have to take the first two parts.)

Part A: Fundamentals. This two-hour, 150-question closed-book test covers all facets of welding processes and nondestructive examination.

Part B: Practical Applications. This two-hour, hands-on test will require you to answer 46 questions (may be increased)  using actual visual inspection tools with plastic replicas of welds, and a sample codebook (2016 “Book of Specifications”), which will be provided for the exam.

Part C: Open-Book Code Application.
This two-hour, open-book test includes 46–60 questions establishing your ability to find and comprehend information in one of your choice of five welding codes.

Most candidates choose either D1.1 or API 1104.

All Training Now Includes The AWS Part B 

Jan-2016 "Book of Specifications"

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Jan-01-2016 - AWS D1.1 2015 Training

As of Jan-01-2016 the AWS will require all AWS D1.1 exams to have you use the 2015 edition code book.  Our training now includes the 2015 edition training.

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No international phone calls please

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Our training stays up to date.
AWS D1.1 2015 Code & API 1104 21st Code
2016 Book of Specifications

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NOTE* Do Not Send Your Renewal Applications

To Son Set

Send them to the AWS

CWI Exam Preparation Class - Our pass rate is 100% for all students that get their sample exam scores to 100% (missing no questions) prior to applying for the real AWS Exam.

9 Year Renewal - 100% of all 9 year renewal students that use our 80 hour 9 Year Renewal training have renewed their CWI or SCWI with the AWS. No Particular Sample Exam Scores Required, Simply Complete All The Training and Sample Exams. 

NOTE - The AWS D1.1 2015 edition is required by the AWS as of Jan-01-2016.  Our training will now include the 2015 edition of AWS D1.1

9 Year Renewal

80 Hour Class

information below

Taking sample exams will not prepare you for the CWI Exam. The AWS has many versions of the certification exam. Our sample exams may not match your CWI exam questions, however they cover the same subjects.

Exams only check your knowledge of the subjects.

To properly prepare for the CWI Exam you need all the training classes with exam scores at 100% before you move to the next class so you gain the needed knowledge.

The 1st 20 classes (all but the metric class) all have review buttons to tell you the correct answers. Then you verify your knowledge to see if you are ready for the real CWI Exam with the final 3 each sample exams at the end - Fundamental Exam, Practical Exam, Code Book Exam. 

The final 3 each exams do not have review buttons to tell you the correct answer because you should know the answers at that point.

These final 3 exams also will help you with getting the exams answered (each question should not take more than 45 seconds to answer) in a time that will help you prepare for the 2 hour time limit.  

If you miss questions during the final 3 each exams, this means you need to go back to the class that covers the subject on the questions you missed.  Typically all students get the final three each exams to 100% missing no questions.

Notice*  All 9 year renewals should prepare with the 80 hour training (no particular exam score required), in your 8th year.  Do not wait until the 9th year and run out of time. NOTE*  do not fast forward the training.  Let the training move forward on its own at its own pace.  If you fast forward, your training progress will be made void and you will not be given credit for the training.  Only fast forward to a page where you had previously stopped.

AWS QC1 - Section 16 Rules for 9-Year Recertification - For SCWI and CWI



16.4.1 A minimum of eighty (80) PDHs must be earned (training received or instruction delivered) during the nine-year certification period and twenty (20) of those 80 PDHs must be earned in the final three-year period.


16.4.2 The course content must be one or more of the subject areas defined in AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors.


16.4.3 A maximum of eighty (80) PDHs are allowed for any one course.


16.4.4 Credit for a particular course may only be granted once in a nine-year period. (Example: a single 40-hour course taught any number of times can only be used to fulfill 40 hours of the 80 hours required for recertification without examination.)


16.4.5 Trainers who want to substitute teaching hours for the required PDHs shall submit documentation of the hours of training performed. Such documentation shall include a complete syllabus of subjects taught, a copy of the certificates of attendance or completion issued, the number of students attending, the dates of the training provided, and documentation that the training was a formal offering and not personal coaching, tutoring, or individual instruction delivered to meet job requirements.


16.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) Credit Towards 9-Year Recertification. PDHs will be credited based upon each contact hour of activity. A contact hour shall consist of not less than 50 minutes of instruction. For applicable courses where Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded, each CEU shall be considered as 10 PDHs. The following list shall define the credit (in PDHs) awarded for each activity.


16.5.1 PDHs may be earned by participating in classroom, correspondence, or distance learning in one or more areas indicated in AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors. There is no maximum of PDHs that may be accepted for recertification under this provision but all PDHs claimed must be accompanied by a course description and certificate of completion indicating the number of contact hours.

SCWI – Education and Experience Requirements

see QC1 5.2 (below)

5.2 In addition to the requirements of AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors, applicants for SCWI shall have been certified as a CWI for a minimum of six (6) years.

SCWI – Education and Experience Requirements

SCWI applicants must document direct work involvement in:

    • Design - preparation of plans and drawing for weldments, preparation of inspection procedures, requirements, acceptance criteria.

    • Production - planning, control, and supervision of welding materials, procedures and operations.

    • Construction - personnel supervision and fabrication or erection of weldments.

    • Quality control - detection and measurement of weld discontinuities, procedures, supervision of personnel, specification of QC methods, review of QC programs of vendors.

    • Quality assurance - specification of QA methods, review QA programs of vendors, and conducting audits of vendors.

    • Examination - examination testing, application of visual or other nondestructive evaluation process.

Repair - repair of defective welds or supervision of personnel performing repair.

Each training package is for one person only.  We track all students by their name and email address. 

Training cannot be issued by anyone other than Son Set Consultants  - 3rd Parties cannot email training Packages.

Students must have an email address (cannot use another person’s  email).


 2 things:

1.   If you purchase training for another person - You need to advise student name & student email to use my training.

2.   Our training now works on any device connected to the internet.

Notice:  Son Set Consultants Training, LLC complies with AWS QC1-2007 and especially lifts up high Section 11 Code Of Ethics.

We reserve the Right to Decline Services to anyone that in our opinion violates any portion of AWS QC1-2007 (current) and especially Section 11 - Code Of Ethics. 

Violation of Section 11 of QC1 (in our opinion), or mis-use of the training agreement above will result in loss of your training and training fee.

When taking the CWI  exam, most all questions are multiple choice.

AWS will give you in the multiple choice selections:

  1. Incorrect answers

  2. Correct answers

  3. Most Correct Answer


Always choose the most correct answer.


A welder has been qualified for groove welding using a 12 in. schedule 80 pipe test coupon in the 2G position.

Is the welder qualified for the welding of 4 in. schedule 80 pipe?


The welder was qualified for groove welding using a 12 in. schedule 80 pipe test coupon


(he is not qualified for the 5G & 6G positions).


The more correct answer is:    Yes, but not in the 5G or 6G positions. 

 Part B  Book of Specifications  - APPENDIX XI Page 13 – Table 2 (test on pipe & tubing) and

continues on page 14  Welder Qualification—Type and Position Limitations

AWS CWI Exams in 2016

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Employment of construction and building inspectors is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.

Available CWI Jobs

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Welding Codes and How They Are Used


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We have been teaching the CWI Exam Preparation for over 20 years. 

We have over 7000 happy students and growing weekly. 

We guarantee you a Pass of the CWI Exam the 1st time if you get all our sample exam scores to 100% - missing no questions.

If you miss questions, use the review button at the end to see what you missed and what the correct answer is. It is like having the answer key. Then close the class and start the class over taking notes - complete the exam again but this time use your notes (answer key) to get all your answers correct.

Free weld procedure help below

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Never apply for the CWI   Test - before your training is completed and your sample exam scores (exams   we give to you) are 100%  - missing no questions.   Doing this   will guarantee your AWS Test success.

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