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Notice*  All 9 year renewals should prepare with the 80 hour training (no exam required), in your 8th year.  Do not wait until the 9th year and run out of time. NOTE*  do not fast forward the training.  Let the training move forward on its own at its own pace.  If you fast forward, your training progress will be made void and you will not be given credit for the training.  Only fast forward to a page where you had previously stopped.

Computer Based On-Line Training.  Train at your own pace.

Licensed by "Oklahoma Board Of Private Vocational Schools"

Our Training and completion certificates are accepted by the AWS

Our training records as you use it so we can issue completion certificates.

Our training matches the current AWS exam requirements.

API 1104 is still the 20th even though the API has published the API 1104 21st.

 Our Goal is your success!

Call me - Rick Gaffney SCWI - with your questions.


When taking the CWI  exam, most all questions are multiple choice.

AWS will give you in the multiple choice selections:

  1. Incorrect answers

  2. Correct answers

  3. Most Correct Answer


Always choose the most correct answer.


A welder has been qualified for groove welding using a 12 in. schedule 80 pipe test coupon in the 2G position.

Is the welder qualified for the welding of 4 in. schedule 80 pipe?


The welder was qualified for groove welding using a 12 in. schedule 80 pipe test coupon


(he is not qualified for the 5G & 6G positions).


The more correct answer is:    Yes, but not in the 5G or 6G positions. 

 Part B  Book of Specifications  - APPENDIX XI Page 13 – Table 2 (test on pipe & tubing) and

continues on page 14  Welder Qualification—Type and Position Limitations

Taking sample exams will not prepare you for the CWI Exam.

Exams only check your knowledge of the subjects.

To properly prepare for the CWI Exam you need training with exams so you gain knowledge, and verify your knowledge with sample exams. 

Try our Sample "Part B Training"

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AWS CWI Exams in 2014

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Our training records your progress as you study.   We ask you to track your progress so you will know that you have covered all the classes and know what to study next.

Our computer based On-Line (study at your own pace) CWI Exam preparation training, this training covers all three parts (Part A – Fundamental / Part B Practical Hands on & Part C – Code Book).

Employment of construction and building inspectors is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.

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Use our Risk Free 9 Year Renewal Training.

QC1 advises that a 9 year renewal can be completed with 80 hours of documented and approved training.  Our training records all your hours of training automatically and we are approved by the AWS to provide you with this training for your (option 2) 9 year renewal.

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If your CWI expires, you will have  60 Days to renew.

See QC1 - 2007  15.3

Welding Codes and How They Are Used


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We have been teaching the CWI Exam Preparation for over 20 years. 

We have over 7000 happy students and growing weekly. 

We guarantee you a Pass of the CWI Exam the 1st time if you get all our sample exam scores to 100% - missing no questions.

If you miss questions, use the review button at the end to see what you missed and what the correct answer is. It is like having the answer key. Then close the class and start the class over taking notes - complete the exam again but this time use your notes (answer key) to get all your answers correct.

Notice:  Son Set Consultants Training, LLC complies with AWS QC1-2007 and especially lifts up high Section 11 Code Of Ethics.

We reserve the Right to Decline Services to anyone that in our opinion violates any portion of AWS QC1-2007 (current) and especially Section 11 - Code Of Ethics. 

Employment of construction and building inspectors is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.

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Free Part B Appendix I (weld procedure) help below

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Never apply for the CWI   Test - before your training is completed and your sample exam scores (exams   we give to you) are 100%  - missing no questions.   Doing this   will guarantee your AWS Test success.

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